Our Head Chef Daniel Dyson is passionate about real cooking. Almost everything on our menu, all the sauces, relishes, condiments and purées that accompany our dishes are made right here at Extraction. We make from scratch, our house bread, brioche, muffins, cakes, aioli, relishes, bbq sauce, vinaigrettes, and caramel, chocolate and vanilla syrups (that go into our coffee and milkshakes).


  • House-made fig and berry brioche w. pepe saya butter, passionfruit skin jam and passionfruit curd $8
  • Smashed avo on house-made beetroot walnut bread w. sheeps cheese, trail mix, green onion puree and bruleed lime $17
  • House made maple roasted muesli w. yoghurt lime sorbet, mango pearls and berries $18.5 
  • Pancakes w. w. candied bacon, bacon toffee shards, maple cream, cooca nibs  $19.50 g/f) 
  • Salad w. compressed watermelon, pickled carrot, soft herbs, sheep cheese, white balsamic, cucumber, sunflower seeds $17 (g/f)
  • Chevapchichi w. one poached egg, dolmades, cherry tomato bechamel, haloumi, pickled red cabbage, turkish bread $21
  • Blackberry cured Kingfish w. rockmelon, pickled chilli, radish, sheep cheese, finger lime $25
  • Mezze Plate w. chefs selection of cured meats, artichoke, roasted capsicum, sheep cheese, grilled zucchini and breads  19.50
  • Lord Cumberbatch II w. hashbrown, two poached eggs, crab, prosciutto, asparagus, black pepper hollandaise $19.50  
  • Two free range eggs (cooked your way) on toast $9.50 (a range of sides are also available)
  • Bacon burrito w. egg, kale, red pepper relish, mushroom and haloumi $16.50 (available as takeway)
  • Burger of the week w. chips $19.50 (available as takeway)
  • Banga Sanga: turkish bread, chevapi, baby spinach, vintage cheddar, tzatziki, capscium pesto, spanish onion $16.50 
  • House-made g/f thick cut chips w. rosemary salt and confit garlic and maple aioli $6.50 (g/f) (available as takeway)
  • Paddlepop: fairy bread paddlepop, caramel shards, pop rocks, milo crumb  $12
  • Twisted rocky road: turkish delight, coconut gelato, pistachio pashmac,    chocolate marshmallow, cherry crispy  $12
  • Fruit textures: blueberry meringue, mango pearls, watermelon sorbet, apple sponge, strawberry gel $12 

“Sharing food and enjoying coffee together is the equivalent of saying you matter.”