Our equipment

Your coffee will be made on the stylish NexusOne by Aremde. This machine guarantees a high level of consistency and precision by performing total control during all the stages of extraction. It also looks super stylish proudly perched on our custom built front counter. 

Our coffee roaster is a state-of-the-art Proaster which provides us with the ability to ensure consistency of bean roast and allows us the fun of variation for experimentation to improve our roasting knowledge and extract the best possible flavour from the bean.

Our baristas'

Our baristas' have the important role of not only engaging with you, our customer, but also setting the extraction yield in the cup to ensure the shot you are getting is perfect every time. The barista needs to taste the coffee and get it balanced for whatever style of coffee they are making. They are constantly adjusting the grind during the day and creating truly beautiful works of art in each cup they serve to you. 

The beans

Our green beans are sourced from various supplies in Australia that have demonstrated to us care and passion in providing a quality product. It's important to us to develop relationships with both suppliers and coffee farmers and when possible we'll be traveling to origin to deepen these relationships. 

The milk

Where possible we love supporting local produce especially when the product is of the highest quality. We absolutely love using 4RealMilk for our milk based coffee. 4RealMilk comes from the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy just outside of Beaudesert. The purity and taste of this milk is as close as possible to the milk that comes straight from the happy cows.