Our chefs are passionate about real cooking and extracting flavour from familiar ingredients. Almost everything on our menu, all the sauces, relishes, condiments and purées that accompany our dishes are made right here at Extraction. We make from scratch, our house bread, brioche, muffins, cakes, aioli, relishes, bbq sauce, vinaigrettes, and caramel, chocolate and vanilla syrups (that go into our coffee and milkshakes).


  • House-made orange and poppyseed brioche w. pepe saya butter and house preserves $9

  • Avo on house-made tomato & parmesan bread w. goats cheese, capsicum coolis, crispy proscuitto and bruleed lime $18.5

  • House-made muesli w. fresh fruit, acai sorbet and your choice of milk $17

  • French toast w. lemon thyme baked peaches, whipped maple mascarpone and seeded praline $16.5

  • Breakfast Bun w. bacon, egg, red cheddar cheese, rocket and house-made BBQ sauce on a bun $13 (t/a)

  • The Serbian w. fattoush salad, pumpkin hommus, house-made flatbread $20

  • Salmon Benny w. maple baked salmon, poached eggs, spinach, hashbrowns, poached leek, citrus hollandaise $21

  • Two free range eggs (cooked your way) on toast $10.50 (a range of sides are also available)

  • Banga Sanga w. chevapi, baby spinach, beetroot tzatziki, red peppers, red chedder cheese $16 (t/a)

  • Burger of the week w. chips $19.50 (available as takeway)

  • Raw Asian Salad: w. wombok, carrot, beetroot, zucchini, sesame soy dressing, cashews $13.5 (add shredded chicken $5.50)

  • House-made g/f thick cut chips w. confit garlic and roast lime aioli $6.50 (g/f) (t/a)

  • Raspberry lime frozen cheesecake w. ruby chocolate ganash, fresh fruit, meringue $13.5 (g/f)

  • Strawberry white chocolate blondie w. strawberry basil salsa, caramalised white chocolate crumb $13.5 (g/f)

“Sharing food and enjoying coffee together is the equivalent of saying you matter.”