As we lifted the roller door at 6.15am on Saturday 23rd April and the sun streamed in, we acknowledged this was to be our first coffee service. A huge moment for us, as finally, we are able to share our love of coffee and hospitality with you.

Our first customers rolled in and explored the space and there was a sense of relief and pride that our vision was coming to life. 

People are excited by Extraction Artisan Coffee and yes, many of those who visited our first Saturday service are our friends, family and peers but that didn't diminish the success of the first morning of trading. It actually reinforced to us that Extraction Artisan Coffee is exactly what is needed in Logan City. 

The possibilities in our space are endless. The vibe is relaxed and comfortable. We think it's the kind of place people will want to linger for an extra cup of artisan coffee.

We like to think of Extraction Artisan Coffee as a hidden gem. It's tucked away and we don't have a lot of high visibility signage (despite the fact our main hero colour is sunshine yellow). We hope to become a coffee destination, that once people discover, will talk about to their friends.

We have great plans and lots of dreams and we hope you continue to follow us on our coffee journey.

We're loving this wonderful review on Facebook from Extraction supporter, Joel Mikkelsen.

Still thinking about what is undoubtedly the best coffee I've had in memory. Easily. I was so incredibly excited to finally sample the roast prepared by Danny Andrade and Alex MilosevicAs we sat and sipped that coffee, no sugar, prepared with filtered water, Scenic Rim 4real milk, expertly prepared milk and poured in the right proportions, it's easy to just sit and sip it, enjoy it, and not understand the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into bringing this taste to my cup. From the sourcing of the beans, choosing the blend, experimenting with the roast, studying the thermodynamics behind the roasting curve (I understand this fully, and would be happy to explain it to you in depth....NOT). If you are passionate about coffee, or even if you just like good coffee, and want to try something new. Even if you don't like coffee, it's possible you've just never had one poured like this. I'd encourage everyone to get along and check this place out. So very proud of the whole team at Extraction. Overcoming every obstacle imaginable to bring your dream to life.