We often get asked;

‘What is filter coffee?’

‘Will I like it?’

‘Is it stronger than espresso?’

This post will hopefully answer some of these questions so you’ll feel more confident in trying a filter coffee next time you come in.

So, what’s the difference?

Espresso is a big boy who packs a punch. The beans, when roasted, are caramelised, intensifying the essence of flavour. The Extraction, using high pressure through the coffee machine, helps to cut through the milk, so the aim is to end up with a well-rounded cup of coffee. If your coffee has a burnt flavour, it’s  likely the beans have been over-roasted.

Filter is a delicate soul with many layers. A lighter roast helps the origin of the bean flavour shine through. This might include floral or fruit flavours depending on what country the bean originated from. As the cup cools, you’ll experience lots of different flavours making it a very unique experience.

If you’re a tea lover, you’ll most likely enjoy the filter experience.

Comparing espresso and filter is like comparing a deep tissue massage with a relaxation massage or for wine lovers, a Cabernet Sauvignon with a Pinot Noir.

They’ll both do the job, it just depends on how you feel and want you need from your cup of coffee.

We could never pick a favourite, we love both espresso and filter equally, but if you have some time to sit back and relax then ask our baristas what’s in the filter today?