The Journey Begins

Twelve months in the planning. Dreaming and scheming, maneuvering through reams of red tape and bureaucracy to arrive wide-eyed and exhausted at a concrete shell of open space and endless possibilities.

Following your dream is never easy

Patience, persistence and passion in the belief that it'll happen is what gets you through each day. Despite the support and encouragement of our friends, it's a lonely journey but still each new day brings better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

coffee, friends, food and good times is the essence of Extraction

You often hear people say 'if I knew how hard it was going to be I probably wouldn't have done it. 'We've been asking ourselves this question and the answer is yes, we would have done it. The alternative; sit back in our comfortable life and in 20 years regret never having had a red hot go. When we look back over our 17 year relationship, everything we've done in the past has been leading up to Extraction.

We pulled and pushed and made things happen even when it seemed impossible.

When we look back through the images of the journey of Extraction you can see how much we've achieved. It's a good reminder to celebrate the small things and our faith in each other.